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Rail Service China – Die bessere Alternative?

Since 2014, the rail cargo service between China and Europe has been operating flawlessly. China´s state subsidies and various bilateral agreements between the transit countries have overcome the weakness of rail cargo traffic between China and Europe and now provides you with an efficient supply chain. The rail service to and from China ist a reasonable priced alternative to expensive airfright or lengthy sea freight. With several weekly departures and an almost 3-week transit time from the rail terminal to destination, the transit time is exactly in the middle of that of air and sea freight and thus makes the train an attractive carrier. The environmentally-friendly aspect also makes the rail service a preferred means of transport with around 95% less CO2 emissions than air freight.

Climb aboard the train … and travel into the future:
• Up to 4 departures per week
• Transit time 16 - 18 days from Terminal China to Terminal Europe
• Only 1 week pre-booking / pre-carriage until departure
• Approx. 28 days transit time door-to-door
• Full container (only 40 foot)
• General cargo (from 500 kg or 3 cubic meters)
• GPS monitoring on the entire route
• Containers remain sealed under customs bond up to the receiving terminal
• Punctual and regular departures and arrivals
• Low risk level
• Simple documentation (analogous to sea freight)

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