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Air, sea, road. InTraLog – a full service provider


With retroactive effect as per 1 July 2014, InTraLog AG has assumed all business divisions of Senator International Schweiz AG, headquartered in Kloten. Senator International Schweiz AG was primarily engaged in the field of overseas logistics and is part of a global network in the air and sea freight sector, an area with which we are wholly familiar in consequence of our previous cooperative alliance. Convinced by the efficiency of the existing network and the team, we decided to round off our service portfolio by way of this acquisition and, thus, be in a position to offer comprehensive logistics and service solutions "under one roof", so to speak, to our customers from trade and industry. With immediate effect, the company will operate under the name InTraLog Overseas AG. The site in Kloten shall remain. We warmly welcome the twelve new staff members to the "InTraLog family".


Direct traffic to Eastern Europe is booming


Expanding our direct traffic service to the former Eastern Bloc countries means that our customers in this area now also benefit from significantly faster response and transit times. For most destinations we work exclusively with quality-tested freight carriers and without time-consuming detours via handling terminals. Our transport policy is characterised by extreme flexibility, which is most likely one of the main reasons our orders have tripled in the last 2 years. Our Eastern Bloc expert, Mr Markus Vieten will gladly answer any questions you may have. You can find additional information here.


New Swiss wire rope for Barcelona harbour cableway


In mid-February we transported a special load to the Spanish metropolis of Barcelona. We were commissioned by a renowned Swiss manufacturer of cableway ropes to transport an oversized roll of wire rope from Switzerland to the central station of the "Teleférico de Montjuic". Using a special vehicle, we did so directly, on time and according to requirements. This historic aerial cableway is a well-known landmark in the city, and leads from the harbour area to the Montjuic mountain, from where one can enjoy a magnificent view of the city.


Introduction of tolling in France halted after protests


The introduction of an ecotax (Taxe poids lourdes) in France on lorries over 3.5 tonnes planned for the beginning of the year on all national roads, selected country roads and some motorways (which have up till now been toll-free) has sensibly been postponed indefinitely after massive protests. The ecotax was intended to be raised in addition to the existing TIS PL motorway toll. We completely fail to understand how it can make sense to introduce additional charges in times of economic difficulty.


Italian traffic on the increase


The number of consignments transported by InTraLog to and from Italy is constantly increasing, despite the economic crisis in this part of Europe. The manager of this area Patrick Lässig, is also well in tune with the particular requirements of our customers and is able to master the complex demands placed upon him. The key characteristics of our Italian operation are flexibility and individually designed solutions. Please contact us, should you have a requirement in this area.


At your service for 12 years already


Unbelievable but true! Twelve years have passed since our company was started. At the time, we began with six employees and offered services mainly in the area of piece goods transportation to and from the Iberian Peninsula. Today we can look back on eventful years in which we have constantly expanded our range of services and our customer base. This presents an opportunity to express our heartfelt thanks to all the customers, employees and partners who have enabled us to succeed and have contributed to the success by means of their confidence in us. They have enabled us to remain independent and successful.


InTraLog Geneva – a strong team


After welcoming Ismail Erdas to the Geneva team as the new manager for general cargo, air freight and express transport in the middle of May, we look forward to working with Pedro Brasio, who takes over the role of manager for part and full loads from September. Our western Switzerland customers are now served exclusively by trained and experienced professionals under the leadership of Emmanuel Calderon. This undoubtedly strong team is at your service with immediate effect.


Our quality confirmed by a "higher authority"


The high quality demands made by InTraLog are nothing new for our customers and for our employees. What is new however, is that we have now received confirmation on an "official" basis of our constant striving for optimal transparency, low error rates and high customer and employee satisfaction. We are pleased that the Bureau Veritas, one of the world's leading companies in the area of company certification has tested our quality management system according to ISO Norm 9001 and has found it to be good without reservation. For us, this certificate is not only a confirmation, but also an additional motivation on our long journey.


A new report from the specialist press


In the edition dated 29 May 2013 the ITJ (International Transport Journal) published a report about another chapter in the history of the collaboration with our Portuguese partner of many years' standing, Garland Transitos Lda. The start of a weekly thermo groupage service from and to Portugal has evoked a great deal of interest, not only from the technical press. You can find additional information in the article itself under the following link.


New orientation at InTraLog Geneva


The takeover of operational management of our Geneva branch by Emmanuel Calderon has signalled a long overdue return to the actual core competencies in InTraLog AG. Mr Calderon will intensify our efforts in the further development of our classic freight and logistics services for the production and mercantile business in western Switzerland. Our previous strong orientation towards the niche product of worldwide vehicle transport in the premium class will no longer be pursued as intensively, due to the departure of his predecessor.


Successful search in recruitment.


"Rome was not built in one day" the saying goes.  And indeed, our search for a suitable person to strengthen both our department for France and our sales and marketing department took somewhat longer than originally planned. All the more, we are happy to welcome to our team today Ms Delphine Ringenbach, an experienced France specialist, and Ms Sibylle Probst, a graduate in commerce. We are sure that both colleagues will dynamically support our constant striving for improvement and we wish them a lot of fun and success in this endeavour!


New partner for Catalonia and the Mediterranean Coast:


In Grupesa SA, located in Barcelona, we have managed to find our dream partner for the development of our transports to and from Barcelona and the Mediterranean coast. Our respective philosophies concerning customer proximity, quality requirements, human resource development and many more are virtually identical. Just like us, GRUPESA SA is also managed by the owner, has quite similar structures and emphasises the participation of employees. We are proud to be able to break new ground with such a partner.


Our Geneva branch is engaged in “motorcar enthusiasm”


At InTraLog Geneva, actually no month passes without spectacular motorcar transports. However, the absolute “peak season” is and will remain the month of March with this big annual event: The Geneva Auto Salon. It is then not only a matter of organising transports from A to B. No, during this time our customers confront us with varied special requirements. Be it offloading at night, complex customs clearance outside of business hours, support in the erection of booths and many other issues, everything is possible, if required just contact our expert team in Geneva. To the photo gallery Cars.


Competent “France support“ wanted!


For months, our France department has shown unparalleled growth rates. Under the management of Gilles Heinis, the volume has increased steadily. Therefore, we are urgently looking for a competent expert who has the required qualifications to actively support our growth in France department and to shape it respectively. Should you be tempted by such a challenge, please contact us in a quite non-committal manner. Our management is looking forward to getting in touch with you. Your application will, of course, be treated highly confidential.


This time we went to Hamburg


Joint weekend trips are slowly becoming a tradition at InTraLog. Berlin 2008 was now followed by Hamburg 2012. The occasion was our 10th anniversary which we wanted to celebrate properly in retrospect with our entire team. Therefore, we were very glad that most of our staff could manage to come to a fun weekend in the Hanseatic city. Apart from first-class accommodation at the centrally located Madison Hotel, there was, of course, much more. Special highlights were surely the “St. Pauli Musical“ we attended together, the “hot corner“ in the famous Schmidt theatre on Saturday evening and the harbour tour on Sunday morning which was highly interesting for us as forwarders. More impressions here (pdf)


Garland Transitos, our partner, continues to expand


It is always impressive to see the entrepreneurial dynamics of our Portugal partner of many years, Garland Transitos Lda. Despite the fact that the country suffers from the continuing economic and Euro crisis, Garland stays determinedly on the course of success and emphasised this in an impressive way by the inauguration of an additional logistic platform apart from their Terminal already existing in Maia (Porto). The facility of 13000m2 was inaugurated in the presence of the Portuguese President, Prof Dr Anibal Cavaco Silva, on January 21. We are glad about the development of our partner and congratulate all those involved for their success. Further information concerning this subject on: Garland Transitos - Novo Centro Logístico


Our IT – always up-to-date


In times of increasing networking, the requirements of our IT have become much more versatile and complex also for us as a typical medium-sized company. Being aware of the fact that apart from highly qualified staff also the IT area represents a decisive factor of success with a fail-proof cluster server and the latest process-oriented software, we have raised our network technology to the state of the art with the support of Vision-Flow in Dornbirn. This investment benefits all of our customers, our associates and, of course, also our company.


Already 10 years at your service


Unbelievable but true! Ten years have already passed since our foundation. At that time, we started with 6 associates and primarily offered services in the area of unit loads from and to the Iberian Peninsula. Today, we are looking back to eventful years in which we continually extended our portfolio of services and our clientele. On this occasion, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to all customers, associates and partners who made this success possible for us and who contributed their trust so that InTraLog can continue independently and successfully.


Collective customs clearance to Germany


The Federal Ministry of Finance in Bonn announced on 23 August 2011, that – contrary to previous assertions – the cancellation of the collective customs clearance to Germany will be postponed again. For this type of customs clearance (Procedure 4000) the new deadline is now 24 June 2013. However, the previous cancellation date of 31 Dec. 2011 will be maintained for the EU collective customs clearance (Procedure 4200).


The "France developer" has arrived


We are very pleased to welcome Emmanuel Calderon in our team today. Mr Calderon won “his spurs” working for many years at an internationally operating French forwarder group. He states that he intends to use his comprehensive knowledge in the area of France and Iberia transports in a more structured, dynamic and flexible environment to the advantage of our customers. We thank Mr Emmanuel Calderon for his trust and wish him every success and pleasure in his new task.


Again a positive assessment


We do not publicise every positive supplier assessment on the Internet. But since this one from the area of foods was particularly pleasing, we are making an exception today. This time, it was Lateltin AG which confirmed us as a safe and reliable supplier according to ISO Standard 9001 by awarding Supplier Status A. We are pleased about this recognition and gladly pass it on to our reliable associates and partners without whose commitment such a performance would not be possible. More information: here (pdf)


Quality assurance of a different kind


Good communication and a pleasant cooperation with our customers are of utmost importance to us. A good working atmosphere does not only make life easier but also improves our quality of services. Therefore, we invited the colleagues of the border offices of St. Louis and Weil am Rhein of our partner in customs matters for a gathering after work. Together with the InTraLog associates, the party first went for drinks in the wonderful evening sun on the river Rhine and afterwards a barbeque took place on the river banks. In this way, quality assurance is fun!


Further partners wanted in the area of express transport.


We are looking for self-employed transport contractors running their own vehicle to realise transport orders. Great emphasis is placed on long-term co-operation. Reliability, on-time service and a friendly disposition are preconditions. Your vehicle must be in technically and optically unobjectionable conditions. If you own a station wagon, Caddy, transporter or truck and meet our requirements, we will be pleased to receive your application. Please contact our Mr Daniel Kuny for further information.


New customers = new colleagues


The road to success and growth of last year continues also in 2011. Therefore, it was high time to strengthen our competent team. The search was successful and yielded three new “InTraLogers” who have been at your disposal since the beginning of the year helping you in every way and with great commitment: Mr Mario Gehring in the department for Germany, Mr Marc Fega in the department for Spain and Mr Peter Buser in the accounts department. Welcome to the team – colleagues!


It is done. We are in Pratteln!


Though planned thoroughly and in good time, we were taken by surprise in such an event. After all, the move had to be performed under running business conditions. Fast and effectively, as our customers know it from us. Thanks to the energetic support of all of our associates and Maya Umzüge - Rheinfelden, we mastered this challenge without any incidents. Please note our new address. Phone/fax/e-mail remain unchanged.


Our future is in Pratteln


The construction of our future domicile at Niderfeldstrasse 5 in Pratteln has progressed considerably. This you can also see from this aerial photograph. Starting 01 Jan. 2011, we will work at this ultra-modern logistic facility. The site could not be located at a better place for traffic. It offers, among other advantages, an optimum and direct access to all border customs offices in the region via the A3 motorway. Our new address will be – starting 2011: Postfach – 4133 Pratteln 1. Phone and fax numbers will remain unchanged.


Large special order to France


The French EDF energy group replaces successively its obsolete high-voltage transformers. And this in the entire French territory! In this project EDF trusts quality “Made in Switzerland”. We are very pleased that we are responsible for these sophisticated transports to partly secluded or hard-to-reach mountain regions. Not only the unusual final destinations constitute a challenge but also, e.g., special customs specifications, complete prohibition of transhipment and the requirement of having the needed unloading resources available at the destination right on time. But our FR-Team of Experts fancies such task profiles.


Your dangerous goods shipments are in the best of hands


Shipments of dangerous goods are part of our daily routine – on the road, in the air and on water. It is a matter of course, that we attach great importance to safety and the correct training of our staff. This is why we provide training and further education for our logistics managers through our safety partner,SafeConsult, so that they are always on the latest level of developments. Should you have any question concerning shipments of dangerous goods, Mr Frank Krieger, responsible for such consignments, is at your disposal.


It’s time to say good-bye


After more than 9 years of successful activities at the Truck Terminal of Mutenz (LWT) this good period of time is slowly but steadily coming to an end. On the one hand, we regret very much having to leave this site because of the pending land reclamation measures, on the other hand, we are looking forward to our brand-new infrastructure at the newly constructed Truck Terminal of Pratteln. At this point, our special thanks goes to Camion Transport AG which always put an optimum environment at our disposal in excellent co-operation and partnership and rendered top-quality services for us during all these years.


Partner “upgrade“ in Madrid


One of the advantages for us (and for our customers) as an independent logistics company is the important fact that there is no higher-ranking “control organ” which can force us to work with a certain foreign partner merely because of group considerations. We decide ourselves with whom we co-operate and who meets our strict quality requirements. This is what happened in Madrid where we decided to process our collective shipments twice a week through TRAFERTIR SA – Av. de la Industria 2 – 28823 Coslada (Madrid) with immediate effect. Mr José Fernandez, responsible for Spain, is at your disposal in this respect.


Ideal associate found


Our German and Western European shipments have developed so rapidly that it became imperative to obtain the support of further staff. In Frank Krieger, we again succeeded in engaging an expert. He will ensure the continuity and the adherence to our high standard of quality at the department for Western Europe through his skills, his experience of many years and his technical knowledge. He is available with immediate effect.


"Cool" transports


Sensitive goods require special transport vehicles. This is particularly true for the pharmaceutical and speciality chemicals industry where often small but very urgent temperature-sensitive consignments occur. Our express department under the leadership of Mr Daniel Kuny is well acquainted with this subject and will make a suitable compact vehicle with a refrigerating performance up to -30° available to you within a very short period of time.


Thermotransports – Spain and Portugal


Being one of the leading forwarders of Switzerland to Spain and Portugal we also offer temperature-controlled transports from and to these countries. Our small but experienced "Thermoteam" will convince you by competence, commitment, cost-effective thinking and a pronounced innovative support. Let us know your requirements. We will find a cost-effective solution to any challenge. Click here for more details.


Upcoming change of site.


Our present site at LWT Muttenz will be vacated due to decontamination work at the end of 2010. The entire LWT area is located on a dumpsite which was filled up in the 60ies. The Canton has now decided to decontaminate the site. A productive forwarding operation could not be safeguarded during the decontamination work. We therefore decided to relocate to new premises in the vicinity of the present site at the end of 2010. Further details will be issued in due course.


Our competence in France keeps growing


Mr Gilles Heinis was our contact at our Alsatian partner in France for many years. When his former employer relocated from Huningue to Strasbourg, we got the chance of including this experienced specialist for France into our structures. We did not need a long decision-making process. Mr Gilles Heinis had already convinced us as an external associate with his efficiency and market knowledge. You can also profit from his skills.


Extension of our team of consultants


At the beginning of July, we could welcome Mr Thomas Schaller as a customer consultant for Northwestern Switzerland. Mr Schaller is well known to some of our associates from earlier times. After almost 30 years at a major Aargau forwarding agent, he has now decided to make use of his skills in more straightforward structures, which naturally makes us very happy. It is important for him to concentrate his strengths on essential aspects: On customers and their professional support. We wish him every success in his endeavours.


"Connect" fleet increases


Courier and special transports remain an important part of our range despite the cyclical slump. Delivery performance, high reliability, transparency and continuous flow of information are important characteristics of our express services. To maintain this high quality standard, we mainly rely on our own fleet of compact vehicles with our own drivers. For this reason, we have recently included two further Ford Connect in our vehicle pool.


'à la carte’ wine


Our focus on the Iberian peninsula in our early years means that we automatically have a great deal of expertise in wine transportation. We no longer restrict ourselves to transporting Spanish and Portuguese wines. Now you can order your wines pretty much ‘à la carte’. Whether you want to import from France, Italy, Germany or other countries, we take care of the transportation, customs, storage or interim storage, order picking and pick & pack in line with your wishes – à la carte!


Northern Spain well taken care of from 01 January 2009


Just like Madrid, there has been a second high-quality connection for some time handling consignments, which do not excuse any mistakes. The carrier, IPARLA Y ARAMBURU, does not give priority to quantity rather than to quality just like us. We have seldomly worked together with a more reliable partner in Northern Spain. Its high customs competencies are very important for our export transports as well as for our numerous wine importers.


Increasing efficiency by change


After our long-time Spanish partner, Spain-Tir SA, was purchase by a German government-owned enterprise one and a half years ago, it was only a question of time until the co-operation once dominated by vitality, efficiency and innovation would start losing momentum and quality under the influence of a foreign corporate culture. Therefore, it is even a greater pleasure to us that we were able to reorganise our Spanish transports in a promising manner from 01 January 2009 on. We will be able to continue our successful direct transports with medium-sized carriers, which are rooted in the most important economic regions and managed by their owners, and even increase the quality of these transports. For further details see above.


The trade press informs


After more than 7 years of successful development work, the trade press has now also taken note of us. We are extremely pleased that the INTERNATIONAL LOGISTIC MAGAZINE Logistics Worldwide (ITJ) has dedicated a two-page article to our company philosophy. ITZ is one of the most widely read trade journals in our industry. It is published in three languages (G/E/F) and provides important information on the world of transport and logistics to an international readership. Your find the whole article here (pdf) .


"Pros" are always wanted.


We do not invest in vehicles or buildings but in our well-trained colleagues. They are motivated by the fact that they can develop in an atmosphere characterised by partnership as well as by their participation in the success of the company. Are you interested in our InTraLog business model? Are you a "pro" (or a team) involved in a potential project you believe in or in an existing business field that you want to advance together with us, then please contact us. Our management is looking forward to your call. We will treat the matter confidentially of course.


Fast services. That's what we like.


The head of our customs partner, Zollagentur Richard AG, at the border of Basel/St.Louis has set herself high goals not only in professional matters. Also in sports, Ms. Stephanies Marolles relies on speed, precision and endurance. Abilities we can profit from in the efficient and fast customs clearance of our vehicles. We would like to thank her by supporting her with a small sponsorship in her very costly sport. On weekends, she chases her own records with a 600 cm3-Yamaha motorcycle on the Octopuss team. Her highest goal: Participating in the Coupe de France Promosport 2009/2010. We wish her all the best.


Favourite candidate found.


After a long search, we have finally managed to sign on Mr. Alfonso Juarez, a promising colleague for our Import Spain department. Mr. Alfonso Juarez easily convinced us that he was the right one for this important job with his multi-language skills, his enthusiasm and his perceptive facility.


Special transports. Our special preference.


We would like to present the two special transports of the month. At first, an extra long part had to be delivered safely to England using an extendable special-purpose vehicle. Subsequently, we were in charge of transporting (with two flat bed trailers) an oversized sculpture, which had been exhibited at the Art 39 ’08, back to the Netherlands. Supported by a European network of heavy and special load companies we are your partner when it comes to special know-how. If you are interested, please contact Mr. Markus Vieten.


Express growth at the express department


The rapid development at our "Special Delivery Department", i.e. the increasing numbers of transport orders and our growing customer base, forced us to act quickly if we did not want to put our quality and reliability, which is highly appreciated by our customers, at stake. Fortunately we managed to find a suitable addition to our "Rapid Deployment Force" in Mr.Marco Cerbone. As of today, he will be available for all your "snapshots".


Site extension


At our site in Muttenz, we have an excellent infrastructure at our disposal but, nevertheless, we ran short of office space. The extension of our premises by approx. 40% has created more room for further growth and, at the same time, offers our colleagues improved working conditions. So the site issue has been answered - at least for the near future.


Criticism is good, action is better.


We are aware of the fact that aid organisations are not faultless. We accept this as well as the occasional criticism because we are convinced that the means provided by us can only have the biggest effect on the needy via a professionally operating and registered organisation. So we are pleased to see that the "Aid for Self-help" principle of World Vision Switzerland is so effective for our 12 sponsored children. We are very impressed and encouraged by the regularly incoming progress reports from various aid projects.


InTraLog goes Berlin


We decided to see out a very successful year 2007 in fine style with a very special celebration. After six years of hard work devoted to building up the company, it was also high time to say a big thank you to the whole workforce for their unceasing commitment - with a trip to Berlin. Almost all colleagues boarded the plane, and the party was already in full swing on Friday evening at the hotel bar. An interesting city tour and the great atmosphere, the enjoyable meal at the Lebanese restaurant with the delicious specialties and the exciting, "hot" rhythms are sure to be remembered for a long time to come. Time flew by and all too soon it was time to return to our everyday routines!


Express services booming.


We must admit that even we were surprised by the resounding success of this very young department. Within a very short time the department, headed by Daniel Kuny, succeeded in becoming a serious competitor in the express and special tour sector. We are on the road throughout Europe every day with a large fleet of different vehicles for customers from the automotive component supplier sector, the pharmaceutical and clock and watch industries, and also for some luxury furniture suppliers. Even a number of carrier colleagues place express delivery assignments with us. We appreciate the confidence they are showing in our company, and are sure we will not disappoint them.


100 meter assembly line safely delivered


Last October we were able to demonstrate our expertise with a large-scale order for several flat bed trucks (wide loads) and various semi-trailers to South Germany. The customer wanted all vehicles to be at the unloading point at the same time, and loading had to be completed within two days in keeping with a tight schedule. This was no easy undertaking in light of all the obstacles which have to be overcome on such a journey: Customs clearance, working and rest periods, restricted route access due to the wide loads etc. However, due to the untiring efforts of our Mr Vieten, who even personally supervised loading with eagle-eyed accuracy, this assignment was carried out reliably, precisely and to the complete satisfaction of all involved.


A clever move: rail is also an option


We have always considered it important to do business in an environmentally responsible manner. We try constantly to incorporate sensible ecological solutions in our processes wherever possible. We are extremely pleased that our close cooperation with Camion Transport AG means that a large portion of your part-load shipments are transported by rail on the main traffic routes. For the customer, everything stays the same: the goods are still collected and delivered by truck, but we use overnight rail transport for the main routes to and from our terminals (Geneva/Muttenz).


Full charter to West Africa


From our long-standing business division for the transportation of luxury cars, we are familiar with special customer wishes. Yet when we were asked to organize a full charter plane for just one Maybach, even we were slightly surprised. A whole plane for one single car? Well, why not? After all, we still believe that the customer is king. We provided the plane on the exact date required, and our specialist Mr. Pace personally took control at the departure airport Paris-Vatry of loading, customs and monitoring of security measures.


Back on board


Today we are delighted to welcome back a former employee, Mr. Patrick Lässig, who left us a couple of months ago to gain experience in a large forwarding firm and is now taking charge of our France-Italy department. We are particularly pleased to note that we as an SME can obviously offer more attractive jobs than large firms, which all too often destroy the motivation and creativity of their staff with rigid and heavily industrialized procedures and exaggerated hierarchies.


New!!! Our department for special trips and courier trips February


In light of the constant rise in demand for ‘urgent transport solutions’, we decided to set up a department to deal exclusively with these special requirements. Your special trips are no longer the responsibility of the individual country providers, but of Mr. Daniel Kuny, an experienced and trained specialist in the area who has joined our company and will be there for you.


New!!! Our electronic freight forwarding order


For a long time now, we have been communicating with partners and customs authorities using a highly efficient form of electronic communication. It makes sense, then, that we want to give our customers the option of transferring order data to us electronically. From now on you can save time and place your personal forwarding order.


Help is here!


We are happy to introduce Ms. Delphine Sapey as a new member of our air freight department. Ms. Sapey has successfully completed a three-year training course in freight forwarding at a renowned forwarding firm in Geneva and joined our air freight division in August 2006. As you can see from the picture, she has even successfully ventured into our specialty field, the transportation of luxury cars by air. Although she is still ‘practicing’ with smaller models (this model went to Dubai as a ‘toy’), we are absolutely certain that the chunky limousines are soon to follow.


A new look Garland Transitos


At the 230th anniversary (this is not a typing error) of our Portuguese partner the new logo and the new slogan ”All in one World“ was presented to the public. The new appearance will gradually distinguish all of the lorries and soon these attractive vehicles will serve also on Swiss roads. We are proud of the fact that we have been privileged to cooperate with a partner of this quality since our foundation and we are looking forward to being part of the “Garland World“. Congratulations to the felicitous and fresh new market image!


A new face, a new function


We welcome Christophe Allemann as the new scheduler for groupage export freight at our Spain department. He succeeds Andreas Bischofberger who assumes the operational responsibility for our Portugal shipments with immediate effect. The staff changes were triggered, among other reasons, by Patrick Lässig who was formerly responsible for Portugal and is now pursuing new professional challenges. Of course, we very much regret the departure of this associate of many years and appreciated colleague. But we are just as happy about a new face in our team. Mr Allemann has a lot of experience and excellent qualifications for this job. His training and his know-how are very welcome at InTraLog AG and its customers


Motorbike transport „all in“


It does not make the fast, safe and on-time transport of a motorbike around half the globe any easier if the customer is actually more interested in superbikes than in the conditions such a transport requires. For example: The preparation of documents, packaging and the compliance with safety measures and much more. It was good that our airfreight scheduler whom we involved in such cases is also an enthusiastic biker. With the usual ambition to master difficulties which do not occur every day, a special container was quickly found and the top model 999 of Ducati was prepared in a fashion complying with the safety regulations of the airline. In addition, we helped to obtain the required documents so that also the “customs obstacle” could be overcome. We call this “all in“ service.


We hang them!


Due to our strong Portugal line we have always had close ties with the textile industry. Therefore, it has been a matter of course to adapt our product range continually also for this clientele. Our service for hanging textiles is not new. Among other items, we offer a very efficient, safe and – above all – cost-effective alternative to transport hanging clothes with normal tarpaulin vehicle. Due to the meticulous care of our partner, Garland Transitos, and supported by unobjectionably maintained vehicles we were able to import numerous ranges of clothes into Switzerland as is documented by the picture above. Should you have any questions concerning this product, our Mr Markus Schweizer will gladly be at your disposal.


Be on the ball with InTraLog


We combined our advertising campaign of the middle of June with a little sweepstake. Participants could win 10 soccer balls of the well-known manufacturer of the trendy Freitag bags. An innovative product which – just like the bags – is made of used tarpaulin from lorries. We thought that winners would like such a weather-resistant and indestructible ball, which is 100% free of any animal components. It was also an ideal combination of the subjects of lorry transport and soccer.


If need be, we go off like a rocket


We are not transporting our airfreight shipments by rockets, but some of our shipments have something to do with rockets. On 9th of june it happened again. A liquid pump replacement was urgently needed at the Kourou spaceport (French Guiana) and this demanded top speed. Naturally, our airfreight experts did not want to miss such an opportunity and did everything to ensure that the mission would not fail. In any case, the start of the rocket at the scheduled time did not fail because of us.


Direct is the fastest


We too used the ubiquitous subject of soccer in our advertising in June. We had chosen the motto of “Score directly without any unnecessary cross passes “ for the advertising campaign for our shipments to Germany. No cross passes because InTraLog avoids central or regional distribution hubs already starting at a shipment size of 1 pallet. Because this would unnecessarily slow down the game or increase the transit time. Interested? Mr Peter Eckert will gladly introduce this service to you in more detail.


The " Ice Age" has begun


This is good news for us! In an earlier bulletin we described our tank transports and the long tradition of good relationships we have with the food industry. Reports by our Iberia department on our expertise in food transport have now won us a new customer in this sector. A large Swiss company has commissioned us to transport their ice-cream supplies from the Barcelona area to Switzerland with immediate effect. If you also require temperature-controled refrigerated or frozen transports to or from Spain, please contact our expert, Mr. José Fernandez.


Detroit delivery deadline


The arrival of our unusual air freight consignment at Chicago Airport mid April had customs officers’ eyes popping out of their heads. It wasn’t just the futuristic design of the Swiss concept car which caused a sensation: Our wish to go through customs clearance on the day of arrival - a Sunday – also triggered quite a stir. In cooperation with our partner in the USA we finally managed to complete the complicated import formalities on the same day. The road was then open for onward transport to Detroit in a special closed trailer. By Monday morning the exhibit had arrived at the motor show at the precise time stipulated by the customer. Once again we were able to close the dossier on a special assignment to the satisfaction of all concerned with the words “Mission accomplished”.


We also do big haulage contracts


Once again we had the pleasure of organizing two special transports. These special challenges put the spice into everyday logistics life. In the picture you can see an overwidth part of an oven facility being loaded onto a low loader by means of a special crane. It was part of a complete industrial oven system which was transported from the Swiss Jura to the South of Germany using several special vehicles. If you have any questions on the subject of Special Transport our specialist Mr. Markus Vieten will be delighted to help you.


New Customs Clearance Software EDEC


Once again, a Swiss Customs Management ruling has obliged us to make considerable investments in the sphere of information technology. A decision was made to replace the rather aged customs program Zoll90 with the new EDEC customs program. In a similar situation two years ago we had absorbed the high acquisition costs for the prescribed NCTS System (New Computerized Transit System) without passing them on to our customers. Due to the extensive extra administrative work involved in the new customs program, we have now decided to follow the recommendation of the Federation of Swiss Forwarding Business and Logistics Enterprises, SPEDLOGSWISS, and charge an EDEC import clearance fee of 10 CHF per consignment. We trust our customers will understand the necessity for this change.


Our Commitment Continues


In an earlier communication we informed you of our desire to do all we can to help needy children in poorer regions of the world. Just in time for Christmas we increased our support for the relief organization World Vision Switzerland by taking on new long-term sponsorships for children. We now have sponsorships on behalf of all our employees.


Bulk Order Import Germany


The conversion of the Swiss Post center in Zürich-Müllingen from a parcels-only to a letter sorting center had the welcome effect of increasing tonnage. A transport order was received for floor covers from a new customer, a flooring supplier. Our task was to deliver 24 tons of supplies from the Kassel area to the building site at precise intervals and in rapid succession throughout the day. The task was completed right on schedule with almost 60 complete loads being delivered without hitches or complaints under the strict supervision of our Germany expert Markus Vieten.


Golden October


October turned out to be a particularly successful month, producing the highest growth figures for the current year. This proves that the decision to add new dynamic colleagues to our team was the right one. The developments in Germany and Iberia transports are really impressive. The Muttenz branch increased its consignments by 38% compared with the same month of the previous year and the Geneva branch also managed to increase its order volume by 15 % with increases in air freight.


Increased service frequency in Portugal transports


Endeavouring constantly to improve our services to and from Portugal we are now running our scheduled vehicles with two drivers. This enables us to increase the departure frequency in both directions even more and to reduce transit times significantly. The change carries additional advantages in relation to transport safety and quality assurance. The picture shows Mr and Mrs Pacheco who drive jointly their brand-new, low-emission 600 PS Scania semi-trailor lorry used on our Lisbon line.


Extension of our range of services


Our strong activities in the Swiss/Spanish transport market have yielded excellent and consistent customer relations with the food industry for years. Previously, we were not able to cover the extensive demand for liquid transports for these customers. With immediate effect, we are realising this forwarding service for Europe via our German partner. Our forwarding manager, Mr Markus Vieten, is looking forward to your inquiries and will be able to handle such transports to you entire satisfaction.


New line to Marinha Grande / Portugal


At the same time, as our partner, Garland Transitos Lda., opened a new platform in Marinha Grande we started our regular scheduled service to this upcoming economic area. With immediate effect, we go to the new terminal of 500 m2 once a week. Marinha Grande is situated 120 km north of Lisbon and 180 km south of Porto. Together with the cities of Leiria, Caldas de Rainha as well as Alcobaca, it represents the third most important industrial zone in Portugal. Our line manager, Mr Patrick Lässig, will gladly put his experience of many years at your disposal to handle transports to this destination.


Barcelona - Sil 2005 – InTraLog was there 17 May 2005


The logistics trade show „SIL 2005“ (Salon Internacional de la Logistica) in Barcelona was the ideal platform for an active exchange with our Spanish customers and partners. Our representatives, Mr Peter Eckert and Mr José Fernandez, took advantage of the opportunity to explain our enterprise and our special services in the transport sector Switzerland/Spain to the many visitors to our booth. Our conclusion: A successful trade show premiere for our young enterprise.


Bonhams turns to InTraLog


Also the renowned Bonhams auction house now turns to our services in handling extremely sensitive transport assignments. In record time we managed the collection throughout Europe and the exact delivery deadline of 27 collector's cars for the Monaco auction. Among other items, the delivery also contained the personal collection of the former racer Jean-Pierre Beltoise. His most expensive vehicle (see picture), a Matra-Simca MS670B „Barquette“, the winning car of the 24-hour Race of Le Mans in 1973, was acquired by an English collector for 1,105,000 Euros.


Northern and Central Europe in new hands


Since the beginning of May, Mr Markus Vieten has been working as our transport manager for Northern and Central Europe. Mr Vieten has been active in the shipping industry for years and has plenty of experience which he will invest with dedication and expertise in his new field of responsibility . "This job is like life. It changes constantly, new situations arise continuously. So my conclusion is: THE WAY IS THE GOAL spells the motto of our new colleague. The InTraLog-Team welcomes him cordially and wishes him much luck and success.


New vehicle starts operating


InTraLog SA, together with its partner, started the operation of a new car transporter in the middle of April. A Vehicle which accommodates the "high quality" expectations of our customers for whom we transport Maybachs, Mercedes McLarens, Bentleys and Rolls Royces throughout Europe.

Fotogalerie Cars


Changes in premises


In the course of the continuing expansion of our team, it was now time to adapt our offices to the new situation. Steady growth had made this step necessary. Since our formation in 2001 we have doubled our office space and thus created an ideal infrastructure for our customers and employees.


Award for InTraLog Geneva


Our branch office in Geneva received special recognition with the Saudi Arabian Airline Cargo award for extraordinarily high turnover in 2004. Our Mr Leonardo Pace accepted the "commendation" certificate from the hands of Mr Mohamed Aggoun, Sales Executive of the airline, at the Geneva premises of the airline. We are happy that the development of our air freight sector is doing exceedingly well. It goes to show that even the so-called "small ones" most definitely can keep up with global competition using special know-how, above-average dedication, creativity and flexibility.


New Account Manager for Muttenz


In the person of Mr Peter Eckert, another former colleague has found his way into our team. We are very happy indeed to be able to welcome such an experienced staff member into our ranks. As account manager Mr. Mr Eckert will mainly attend to customer consulting and new acquisitions in the German-speaking area.


Strengthening our "team of experts"


We have undoubtedly taken a big step forward by engaging Mr. José Fernandez. With his many years of experience which he brings with him from his occupation as department head at one of the leading Iberia forwarding agencies he will ideally complement our team of experts as of 03 January 2005. As route development manager, Mr. Fernandez will mainly be responsible for advising our Swiss clientele and for furthering our activities on the Spanish market together with our partner Spain-Tir SA. We are looking forward to his "input" and wish him a lot of fun and success in his new job.


Sharing success


We are thankful that, in spite of adversities, our young company and our employees are doing more than well in this economically difficult and change-prone time. Compared to millions of people in the so-called emerging and third-world nations we are still living in nearly paradisiacal conditions and security. The entire InTraLog-Team is aware of this and is, therefore, very happy to be able to help people in need through a donation. Since the well-being of children is especially close to our hearts, we have decided to support the work of World Vision Switzerland by taking over the sponsorship of several children in Romania and Africa. We see this as a long-term engagement which we intend to expand upon according to our possibilities.


Growing line of business: Transportation of cars


What had originally started as sporadic and rather random orders has developed into one of the highest-turnover fields of activities of InTraLog AG. Thanks to consistent expansion of our range of services offered within the field of car transportation and vehicle logistics we are now an insiders' tip in this line of business. Particularly in the area of individual transports of luxury vehicles we have extraordinary know-how at our disposal. Some Examples: Fotogalerie Cars


Our fleet is growing


In the beginning of October another express vehicle took up regular traffic between Portugal and Switzerland. This vehicle is part of a logistics concept we have developed by order of a well-known Swiss textile manufacturer. During development our primary concern was to warrant the security of supply between the production facility in Portugal and the three processing sites in Switzerland. We are very happy that, in close collaboration with our customer and our partner Garland Transitos Lda., we could fulfil the requirements made to us, for instance just-in-time supply, transparency, safety and cost efficiency to the satisfaction of our principal. We wanted to document this close and faithful co-operation also on the canvas cover of our brand new vehicle.


More highlights from our car logistics division


Although we are used to carry out worldwide transports of cars made by premium manufacturers, the organisation of the transport logistics for two fantastic Mercedes-Benz SLR-Mc Laren in July was even for a hard-boiled forwarder a very special (visual) highlight. Together with our well-chosen partners InTraLog offers you a complete range of services vehicle transportation and logistics on a highest level. Our Leonardo Pace, who is always at your service, can be reached on our Hotline Number +41 78 662 25 76


Expectations getting fulfilled


It seems that we are reaching our this year’s budget goals. The analysis of the first 6 months is showing promising numbers. InTraLog Switzerland was able to increase the number of transports by 11% and the gross profit by considerable 31%. This success would not have been possible without the loyalty of your customers, the dedication of our team members and the reliability of our partners. The management likes to say “Thank You” to everyone who made this possible.


Strengthening of our Geneva team


We are pleased to announce that Mr. Sébastien Teti has joined our airfreight team in our Geneva branch. He has worked for several years in the field of airfreight transportation among others also for an aircargo broker. With him, we are convinced to continue our growth in our airfreight division.


Transport of sensitive goods is a matter of trust


That the owner of this fabulous car entrusted the transport of his Ferrari Enzo (only 380 specimens world-wide) from Europe to his homeland to us makes us particularly proud. For it shows that our company, which is still young, has already acquired an excellent reputation in this particular transport sector where diligence, precision, discretion and special know-how are required. We are very happy about the trust that this sophisticated clientele places in us.


Even more departures to Portugal – and even faster!


Our increasing transport volume to Portugal and the growing demand for even faster transit times has made us increase the density of departures to this destination drastically. With immediate effect, we operate - apart from our Friday departure - a weekly Tuesday departure from Muttenz. This vehicle has two drivers which makes it possible for us to guarantee delivery to the main Portuguese centres still during the same week. Our import transit times are also accelerated by this new arrangement. Take advantage of our express shuttle, a service without any surcharge.


NCTS is on its way


Being an approved recipient we are already used to « paperless » communication with the customs authorities. However, the introduction of the new computerised transit system constitutes also for us a new dimension in the area of electronic information exchange with them. Starting 01 April 2004 we shall complete our online customs solutions by the integration of the DacoNCTS module of Dacosoft into our existing Transflow IT system. Despite the fact that the NCTS implementation will place considerable financial and organisational challenges on us as a small to medium-sized business we decided – predominantly for the benefit of our customers and partners – to invest in this new technology. In order to increase efficiency even more and accelerate customs processes we shall handle all of the export entries, import customs clearance and transit procedures only electronically starting on the date mentioned above.


Well trained is half way home


Being an official IATA agent it is our duty (and desire) to be well acquainted with the jungle of provisions of the hazardous freight regulations. In this sensitive area of transports we only allow trained professionals to work. We are, therefore, very happy that our air freight experts, Ms Lourdes Dieguez and Mr Leonardo Pace, have passed their IATA-DGR examinations with best results. The whole InTraLog team congratulates them on this success.


Annual skiing weekend


We are very glad that large numbers of our friends from Spain-Tir and Garland Transitos accepted our invitation to have some fun in the snow in Wengen this year. Just as was the case last year, having a good time and strengthening friendly relations were the main objectives. “See you next year,“ was said as we parted on Sunday evening. We are already looking forward to that.


Top class motor cars


require extreme care and know-how of experts in transport. Our air freight specialists demonstrated their skill again at the beginning of January when they took over the transport of an automobile master piece from Mercedes AMG. The new CL 65 AMG, a power pack with the performance of a race car, was taken very gently on a special vehicle from northern Germany to Amsterdam airport. From there, it continued “first class” and without any detours to its owner in Dubai.


New site in Romandy


Our new branch manager in Gland, Mr Leonado Pace, succeeded in the implementation of required restructuring and new alignment measures at this branch in a very short time. Already at this point, we note a substantial increase in consignments – predominantly in the area of air freight. This is, among other aspects, the reason why we decided to move our offices from Gland to Geneva. We will soon conduct our activities from Geneva in the vicinity of Port Franc. Being situated directly at the transhipment centre next to the customs office and in the immediate vicinity of the airport our new site will help to serve our customers and partners even more efficiently in future. We will announce the new coordinates in due course.


InTraLog USA / InTraLog BRAZIL


On October 15, we entered into a future-orientated co-operation with InTraLog Miami and InTraLog Sao Paulo. We have not only the name in common but also the same attitude to quality. This partner and its high-performance network of agents in North and South America creates an optimum and direct access for us to the important economic centres of this continent, both in the area of airfreight and sea freight.


Airfreight from Basel


So far, our Romandy branch has been exclusively responsible for airfreight consignment processing. Constant demand from our customers in north-west Switzerland for advice concerning airfreight shipments and their realisation prompted us to become active also at Basel Airport. Starting October 1, our infrastructure has been available to you at this airport for your shipments world-wide.


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