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What are Incoterms?
Delivery terms for international commodity trade; a set of rules developed by the
International Chamber of Commerce in Paris (ICC Publication No. 560). Incoterms
are subdivided into 13 clauses.

When and why are Incoterms applied?
T o determine the distribution of costs and risks between sellers and buyers in
international commodity trade. In other words: Who pays which costs; who bears
the risk in case of loss and damage of goods and from where and when onwards?

What do Incoterms regulate?
Incoterms should always be considered part of the purchase agreement. They define
the rights and obligations of the seller and the buyer concerning delivery and transport
documents, the passage of risk from the seller to the buyer as well cost sharing between
the seller and the buyer.

Applicability of Incoterms
Incoterms are only applicable if they have been expressly and contractually agreed
and are stated in the purchase agreement, or e.g., in offers, general terms and
conditions of purchase and sale, orders, order confirmations, etc. or if they appear
in a separate agreement.

Incoterms publications
A complete list of the literature available on the topic of Incoterms with a direct
order option is posted at under “Publications“.

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